Obama and Jesus


Today, I’m taking a break from my usually sunny, optimistic stance to comment on the mid-term elections. There may be some sarcasm, snark, and more than a few bad words. Let’s begin…

What the fuck is Tennessee thinking?

The only significant seat the Democrats won is Jim Cooper’s U.S. congressional one. And since both houses of Congress are now controlled by the Republicans, he will get exactly zero done for his state.

In Nashville, we returned two dozen or so Democrats to the house, with about a third of those running unopposed. The state senate has less than one-third Democrats.

I wish I could say that the good, ole-fashioned ass-whuppin’ the Democrats took in our state* was due to outside money buying the races, but that ain’t it.

You may ask yourself why any woman, minimum-wage earner, blue-collar worker, person of color, gay, elderly, sick or disabled person votes Republican, the party that never, ever votes for things that would help them or even give them half a chance in this world. The governor has held our health care hostage, keeping us from federal funds we have already paid in. He’s an unapologetic union buster, and his buddies in Washington, also elected by Tennesseans, help him. Tennessee is near the bottom of the barrel in every measurement of the standard of living, yet we ask for more of the same.

Why would any small business owner vote for the party that is clearly bought and paid for by big business like oil and pharma? Do they honestly think Washington, or the state government, gives a hairy rat’s ass about them?

Why would the women of Tennessee continue to return Marsha Blackburn** to Congress, a woman who has voted against the Violence Against Women Act every single time, by her own admission because it covers Native Americans and lesbians. Let’s just beat the shit out of those women, they don’t matter. P.S. She’s all too happy to show up for photo opps at fundraisers for the domestic violence shelter in her county of residence. I know who I’d like to give the ass-whuppin’ to.

Probably the most disturbing development is that the citizens of our great state deemed it the government’s business what women do about their health and reproductive rights. We actually passed a constitutional amendment that attempts to dismantle Roe v. Wade and send women to back-alley abortionists again. And they did that with the cynical lie that they were concerned about women’s health.

In related news, we also re-elected Scott Dejarlais*** to congress, which means that 60% of his constituents don’t mind that he ran on a pro-life platform and encouraged his mistress to seek an abortion. And he’s a doctor. If there is any real karma, the little medical center works for in rural Tennessee will close because the governor won’t take his foot off the hose of federal funds (your money and mine) that keep it open.

So why do these mean, greedy, hypocritical politicians keep getting elected? Here’s why…

Obama and Jesus.

Let’s go to the higher power first, because that’s what makes the ding-dongs think all this hypocrisy and meanness is okay. They’ve convinced themselves that this country is founded on a religion – their religion – (it wasn’t) and that anything they do, anything at all, is okay because they say it is (it isn’t). Never mind that Jesus would be purely horrified at all the commandment-breaking. He was a Jew and fully aware of the commandments; please read them before you vote again.

Now, on to the president. Since he got elected, he has been the personal whipping-boy for everything the voters don’t like that they elected people specifically to do. And the Republicans in Washington, who have been in a state of gridlock, are more than happy to blame Obama for their failure to serve their constituents. And the constituents keep sending them back. Because Jesus said to.

If you think that’s a bit hyperbolic, I grew up here. If you didn’t, you have no idea how things go here on the buckle of the Bible Belt. There is a church on every corner, yet people insist on government-sponsored prayer in publicly funded schools because they just don’t have enough places they can pray. Their religious rights are being somehow limited by the ACLU. Please notice that I am not bashing Jesus: he seemed like a nice Jewish boy and had lots of good things to say about treating others like you want to be treated. When Christians don’t do that, I have to agree with Gandhi. Look it up.

If you did grow up here, you know that discrimination is stirred into tall glasses of sweet tea and fed to us in our mother’s milk. Politicians will never, ever go wrong in Tennessee by blaming a black man for all their troubles. That’s why Marsha Blackburn can’t say a whole sentence without “Obama” in it. She’s smart like that. She lives in one of the whitest, wealthiest counties in the country, so it plays well with her neighbors. It also plays well with the poor, blue-color dumbasses in this state vote Republican but who have never benefitted from a single Republican policy, because the “O word” has replaced the “N word.”

Just for the record, if you think I’m saying that all Republicans are racists, I’m not saying that. What I am saying is that, if you vote for racists, you are helping racists. Maybe Jesus  would approve of that, but I doubt it.

So, my usual rose-colored optimism about mankind has been replaced by a pair of inky black Ray-Bans. I just can’t look any more. I will continue to vote, because I won’t give up on what should be, even if it can’t be.

*Tennessee mid-term election results
**Marsha Blackburn’s voting record
***more on Dejarlais

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29 Responses to Obama and Jesus

  1. Coley Karr says:

    You and I may not agree on every aspect of politics, but we certainly don’t disagree on every aspect, either. The biggest problem with mankind governing mankind is, well…mankind. We’re sort of inherently screwed, in that regard, anyway. Bottom line: This blog was very well presented and a good read. Well done.

  2. Judith Wolf Mandell says:

    So…what do you REALLY think? Sorry, this is too serious to joke. Living in the bluest neighborhood in the blue part of Nashville in the blue part of Davidson County, it’s hard to believe yesterday’s red results. And harder to foresee that we and those we care about can be hurt by what will surely be setbacks to humane social policies.

  3. Love the sign but think it should be at least 55 years. Please start a stream on ‘How Obama prevented a depression’. I give the first how: cutting the employee payroll deduction by two percent for two years. Your turn.

  4. Jessica Edwards says:

    Oh wow I don’t even know where to begin! I guess my comment will not be posted due to the fact that it was stated it wouldn’t be unless I agree with u which I completely do not! I was born and raised in Tennessee but live in Virginia now. The reason people don’t like Obama isn’t because they are racist its because he is ruining America. The answer to your question about why minimum wage workers or blue collar workers would vote for republicans is because they know that raising minimum wages won’t solve anything. If you increase minimum wages then the cost of living only goes up to pay for those wages. Cost of gas groceries and everyday necessities goes up which doesn’t help minimum wage workers because even though they are making more money they are paying more for their necessities. And what does it do for for other workers well it hurts them because cost of living is higher and they did not get an increase in pay. Do the math. Secondly please do read your commandments. One of them is thou shalt not kill. Taking the life of an unborn child is murder which is against the law and the ten commandments. I believe in a woman’s right to choose but when the engage in activities that could lead to pregnancy that was their choice. There is this thing called birthcontrol and abstinence. When a woman seeks an abortion its because she doesnt like the consequences of her actions which she chose by they way so she decides to make an innocent child pay the consequences of her actions instead of her having to. If u really don’t want kids use birthcontrol practice abstinence or go get sterilized instead of murdering innocent children. As a mother I know that at 5 weeks pregnant you can detect a heartbeat and in the ultrasounds you can watch as the babys diaphram moves up and down as their lungs are developing getting ready to breathe. Abortion is murder. And by the way this country was founded on the belief of God and that nice Jewish boy you are referring to Jesus well he gave his life so that we could be saved from the damnation of hells eternal flame. You don’t have to believe as I do and I would never push my beliefs on anyone but in return no one should push their beliefs on me. I am not offended by the atheists beliefs so why are they offended by mine. But we say God and we are ridiculed by others yet people use his name to curse everyday. Doesnt make much sense to me. You see the great thing about this country is freedom. Freedom of religion means I can pray when I want to where I want to and you don’t have to if you don’t want to. However we teach Darwins theory of evolution and the big bang theory in schools. So why do we not teach the theory of creationism as well so people can make a decision for themselves as to what they believe in. I don’t believe in evolution yet they continue to teach it to my children and I don’t go crazy on the school system. Freedom! Freedom to choose what you believe in. Maybe this post will shed some pight on why they election turned out the way it did. Maybe some people realize America will not prosper under a president that creates jobs but not for Americans. Its for other countries. A president that tries to eliminate jobs for those blue collar workers you mentioned earlier. A president that believes we should give all of our hard earned money to illegal immigrants who live here and do not work. I believe people should be able to come here but they should have to earn their citizenship the right way and work and pay taxes just like the rest of us instead of taking off the hard working citizens of America. Just to let you know what goes through the mind of us crazies who oppose Obama.

    • lucidgal says:

      For someone who didn’t know how to begin, you did a good job. I never said that anyone who commented had to agree with me, only that crazies wouldn’t be given any space. And you’re not crazy.

      Let’s start with some facts: George Bush inherited an economic surplus from Clinton, and he drove it in the ditch. Obama inherited a near-disaster with the economy and it is turning around: http://on.wsj.com/1ylUjM0 It’s a comlicated subject. On the minimum wage, there is some disagreement between economists, but one thing is for sure: you can’t live on it. (Read Barbara Ehrenreich’s book “Nickel and Dimed.”) Basically, the lowest-paid workers haven’t had a raise since 1968, when you adjust for inflation: read more here.

      On to the opinion section of your comments… Abortion is murder: that’s an opinion. Thou shalt not kill… anything? ever? Do you eat chicken? I don’t. Are in you favor of executing child murderers? I am. Would you kill a snake in your house? I would. Once again, it’s complicated. Some see abortion, particularly in the early stages, as ending a potential life. That, it does. At the present time, it is legal to terminate a pregnancy, and there are times when it is merciful to the child and to the mother to do so. What I object to (besides a lack of mercy) is an attempt by my state’s legislature to close all options regarding termination of a pregnancy, regardless of federal law or what my doctor says needs to happen, even in cased of rape and incest. Adoption is a fine thing, and I assume you’ve adopted a kid or two since you bring it up. If there were a shortage of children that need adopting, maybe it would make sense to give that whole thing a second look. As it is, people who want to tell others what they should do with their lives based on a religious creed need to make sure they are walking it out themselves. In reality, pro-life ends up being pro-birth, with little concern about what happens to the child after it is born. Poverty, extreme disability, mental illness on the part of the parent, rape, lack of any support for a mother who already has several kids and is on assistance… unless you know how to take care of every single potential life, you are not in a position to judge or to close off people’s options for them. Recently, a mother threw her autistic child off a bridge because she was unable to cope: what has society done to help her? What have you done? Not saying what she did was justified, just that we don’t always know what is in someone’s heart, or their state of mind.

      As for Jesus and your freedom to pray: go for it. Church on every corner. But you will not do it in any place paid for by my tax dollars or the tax dollars of any Muslim, Buddhist, Bahai, atheist or any other. You are also free to ignore science; that doesn’t change it. (Stand under a falling boulder and deny gravity. Please.) As my husband likes to say, “I’ll be in favor of prayer in public school when churches are forced to teach geometry.”

      • RDog says:

        The economy was weak when Bush came into office. DotBomb occurred in March 2000 (under Clinton) then 9/11 soon after Bush took office. They combine for the 2001 recession.


        The factors that created this recession were likely nobody’s fault, but it was a tough start for Bush in his first year.

      • lucidgal says:

        That article about recessions is great! Notice that there wasn’t one while Clinton was in office, 1993 to 2001, except for that little dot.com thing. In fact, Clinton left poor ole Gee-Dub a surplus, which he proceeded to piss away on foreign wars based on a lie, enriching Cheney and his posse.

    • Shirley Frykman says:

      Raising minimum wages would, indeed, help me, probably by about $2.00 a week but hey, that’ll buy me two Krystals.

  5. Al Kentros says:

    Poor, blue-collar dumb asses? Wow! Now that I’ve read your liberal biased diatribe, please allow me my soap box time. It used to be the citizens of the rural south had a sense of duty and responsibility to the country. They were democrats but not liberals. Home spun values were based on their faith in God and country. They were solid country folk. Proud. They didn’t stand around with their hands out begging for charity. They worked for what they could, and humbly accepted assistance when necessary. Liberals now are a joke. Government funded programs? No such thing. The government is 100% tax-payer funded. The people want a say where their money goes. Why don’t you, and others who enjoy the forums, put your powers to good use. Make people (liberals) understand that to seek shelter behind the Bill of Rights, one must acknowledge there is an implied bill of responsibilities.

    • lucidgal says:

      I didn’t mean to imply that all blue-collar people are dumb…just the ones that vote for Republican policies that are not in their best interest but are in the best interest of big business and the 1%. My family is almost entirely blue-collar and I resent how the policies of the Republican party hurt them. Yet, some of them vote that way. I understand when the 1% vote that way, but not everybody else. I never said people shouldn’t work; but the deck is stacked against the working class. And the Bill of Rights (not sure how that got into this discussion) “shelters” everybody… or should.

    • Shirley Frykman says:

      And what’s wrong with liberal? It frankly just means we believe that each person is as good as the next and capable of making their own decisions. However, in Tennessee, it’s more like following sheep to the slaughter. I’ve said this before, I can hardly wait to get a Republican president so I’ll be so much better off (snork!).

  6. Thank you for the article. More importantly, thank you for responding to the inevitable critics who forget that people who disagree with their beliefs still have rights guaranteed by the Bill of Rights as well as the line in that one document that says we have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. It is hard to do this under a crushing minimum wage and a terribly unfair taxation system that allows the 1% numerous loopholes. My dad is a CPA and has also pointed out to me that there is a fallacy in the idea that raising minimum wage would affect living expenses as much as people think. Admittedly, I would have to research this myself, but would love to see an article about this idea. Many people think that raising minimum wage would result in $10 hamburgers. It won’t. This would only make sense if everyone at McDonald’s made minimum wage right now. Raising minimum wage would not raise the pay of everyone in the company. In fact, there was a study showing that Walmart could pay minimum wage employees more and it would only raise prices 10 cents. I think Jesus would be okay with us paying 10 cents more for our shampoo or bananas in order to help the less fortunate who are not accepting hand outs, and are busting their asses in the service industries. Again, I don’t have the link to the Walmart study, but it’s available online with a Google search.

    Keep up the good writing.

  7. Here’s the article from Forbes magazine detailing the study that showed raising Walmart’s minimum wage to $12 an hour would cost the average shopper only $12.50 a YEAR.

    • lucidgal says:

      Thank you, Matt. I think that raising the minimum wage may allow more folks to eat and for some, like some WalMart employees not to need government assistance. The division of wealth in this country has reached let-em-eat-cake levels, and something has to give. Of course, anyone who starts a business and makes it a big success like, say, Papa Johns Pizza, should reap the rewards. But he shouldn’t do it on slave wages. The guy who founded that company lives in a 24,000 sq. ft. house – one of three, actually – while whining that the Affordable Care Act was hurting his business. Turns out that if he paid for his employees to be covered, it would add about 14 cents to the price of a pizza. So, the folks who say that doing the right thing would hurt jobs and raise the cost of living… well, I don’t know about you, the additional 14 cents wouldn’t keep the people who can afford delivery pizza from ordering it. Just about every successful person achieves that success on the backs of other people (real estate may be the exception), by the sweat of their brow. The people doing the work shouldn’t have to starve.

  8. Gigi Sharp says:

    Who could resist such a “welcoming” invitation into dialogue? Perhaps part of the problem with communication is the rhetoric people use with each other. Just saying.

  9. I agree with much of what you have to say here. Another reason the election went the way it did is that voter turn out was SO low! Its a huge problem in this country! Apathetic voters who just don’t find midterm elections “sexy” and don’t turn out. Another problem is that several people who do turn out, cast their vote based on biased information from campaign TV ads and flyers. Many do not take the time to research what they are actually voting for. They simply drink the Kool Aid! I have a home in TN, and one in CA. This was and is a nationwide problem.

  10. Autumn Sharp says:

    This article is just…ridiculous. You sound like the narrow minded one here. I live in East Tennessee and don’t agree with every result of voting, but do you really think insulting a whole state based on their majority votes is right? Then let me call Americans stupid for voting for Obama. Let me just assume that every American is the exact same based on their majority votes and collectively call them every insulting name ever. Oh wait, I’m not that ignorant, despite the fact that I was born and raised in Tennessee. And damn proud of it.

    • lucidgal says:

      If you are proud to be from a state with one of the lowest quality of life rankings in the country, then bless your heart. Our unemployment rate is far worse than the national average, we get a C+ on education and are trying our damnedest to gut our public school system in favor of vouchers (under the guise of improving education but really so people can send their kids to private and religious school with taxpayer money), the ACLU has to sue one county school system or another every year to remind them that praying to Jesus doesn’t happen in places paid for by tax dollars, we’re in the top 10 states for deaths by gun, and we have a governor who is doing all he can to deny medical care to the state’s poorest citizens. In addition to your pride for the great state of Tennessee, do you have any figures? Because I documented my comments. Back yours up with some facts.

  11. This article is an illustration of a growing problem in our country…on both sides of the aisle. My political views are pretty much the opposite of yours. But I feel no need to call you uninformed or backward. I don’t need to insinuate that you are uneducated or being influenced by some special interest group. No. You can disagree with me. I can disagree with you. We can both be intelligent, informed, educated…and still come down on completely different sides of an issue. The voters of Tennessee went to the polls. You didn’t like what they did. That’s okay. I don’t always like what the voters decide either. But let’s address them with some respect. Let’s act like grown-ups.

  12. RDog says:

    As a woman, small business owner, I voted straight Republican for the first time this year. While the Democratic rhetoric sounds good, the results of their policies have been devastating. Since Obama and the Democrats took control of the government in 2008, the large corporations and rich have been the beneficiaries of their policies (with further study, we should have known this from Europe’s socialism that benefits the elite class.) The banks that were “too big to fail” are all much larger, while small banks are failing. The DOW companies (roughly top 30) are setting records, while small companies, like mine, are suffering. White unemployment has gone to nearly record lows, while black unemployment has risen. Young people’s health care costs have skyrocketed and they are forced to pay for services they don’t need. Gay people should be furious — forced to pay for maternity coverage their entire life!

    The Democrats, with both chambers and the presidency, did nothing for immigration or gay rights. Income inequality has risen sharply.

    Personally, my company have become completely burdened with regulation. I can’t hire more people without significant costs due to ObamaCare. I am spending three times what I was in compliance than 2008. Minimum wage increase sounds great, but I can’t pass on the cost to my customers. It simple means that I have less employees.

    I am convinced that nothing is going to get done. I might as well vote for a less intrusive government that doesn’t tax me and my company out of existence.

    • lucidgal says:

      No question that small businesses are hurting; I know, I have three of them. If you think the Republicans are the part that’s interested in helping small businesses, let’s see how that goes for you. As for the Democrats having “control,” President Obama hasn’t been able to do a fraction of what he’d like, because the Republicans, who have controled the House, have blocked just about everything he’s tried to do. The only reason the Affordable Care Act passed is that it is necessary. Until we get socialized medicine (which most of the civilized world has), employers gotta suck it up. The government makes you buy car insurance for yourself, why not health insurance?

      And, as for socialism, in case you weren’t looking, it’s capitalism that benefits the elite. That’s why you are having a hard time, because the deck is stacked against you and the Republicans intend to keep it that way.

      P.S. Gay folk got way more to be furious about than maternity coverage.

  13. wamsr says:

    My comment is not going to be about your opinions because that’s what they are, opinions, and I respect people even if they don’t all coincide with mine. However, before voicing your opinions to imitate fact, perhaps you should look at the issues from both sides and use hard facts as evidence to prove your point, not your beliefs. You also make harsh generalizations about Tennessee. For example, not everyone voted Republican. On the abortion amendment, the ratification was close to not being passed. Saying that everyone falls under one generalization is bad writing and, quite frankly, is rude.
    Also, not sure if you live or ever lived in Tennessee, but I do and went to school here, and prayer was never forced upon us. Some Muslims in my school had to leave classes occasionally to do their daily prayers. Student organizations met before school to pray, but no one was forced to join. I know of a number of schools that were the same way.
    Your article presents many fallacies that writers of this kind should stray away from. A good intelligent post would lead with facts from both sides before entering opinion.

    • lucidgal says:

      You clearly didn’t read the post because it says I am from Tennessee. Also, I cited sources with links. You didn’t. Gotta bring some facts, Sugar.

  14. Kim Phillips says:

    Well, that was fun. And I still live in a state that is racing Mississippi, Alabama,Kentucky and Texas to the bottom of, well, everything. Oh, wait…we have nice roads here. We really do. Paid for with federal tax dollars. Hat-tip to the governor for not turning those dollars away like has for health care. As for the folks who love them some Republicans, enjoy. If you’re from Tennessee, capitol hill is crawling with them. Pretty soon we will have taught all our children that the earth is 6,000 years old and Adam and Eve wore skinny jeans because we do now. If we work really hard, we can repeal women’s right to vote and go back to “colored” bathrooms. Gay folk will be shot on sight. Again, if this sounds like reactionary liberal paranoia, there are people on my street who would be totally happy with that kind of world. Then, you can stop blaming Obama and start blaming Jesus. This post was written in horror over what Tennessee has become (or probably always been): just plain ole mean. But since the conservative commenters went straight for the Obama-blaming, here’s a little something for ya: Obama is the best worst president ever. Turn off Fox News for a sec and read this: http://bit.ly/1zhXupj … My only gripe with Obama is that he didn’t take off the gloves. Or get himself a Jim Carvill to do it.


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