Planely offensive.

239 people on board Malayasia Airlines flight 370 are likely at the bottom of the ocean or slammed into a mountain somewhere in Asia. Hilarious, no?


And yet this meme has been circulating, less than two weeks after the tragedy:

ze plane boss

The first time I saw it, in my Facebook feed, I gasped. It was posted by accident by a friend who hit the “share” button on her phone in the middle of the night. We’ve all been there, right? She was horrified and deleted it asap, but people continued to chuckle about it. I don’t think the family members of the people on that airplane were among them.

As the day went on, other people posted the meme, and not by accident. A real laugh riot, this post. It was chalked up to “black humor.” If you’re going to go there, it better be funny, and it better not do damage. Some went so far as to say that the investigation has been so bungled that probably even the family members of the clearly departed would think it was funny. I think not, but you judge for yourself: here’s a mom in action. Perhaps if she just stopped to look at Tattoo for a minute, she would see the humor in the situation.

When I pointed out that the meme might be just a smidge tasteless, I was pilloried. That’s me, no sense of humor at all. Ask anybody. One giddy poster gave the back-handed “If you were offended, I apologize.” Which is not quite the same as “I am sorry I offended you.” I’ll leave it to my much-smarter friend, Marjorie Ingall, at to explain the nuances of that kind of non-apology.

Let’s bottom-line this: surely the people who created, circulated, and chuckled at this meme can find something else to brighten their days than a bunch of dead people on a missing airplane. If they want to skewer the the ineptitude of the investigators, why not wait until we actually know what happened? After all, they only have 2.97 million square miles to search, much of it ocean. Shouldn’t they be done by now?

On a completely unrelated post, I saw someone say that social media had made people crazy. Social media hasn’t made people crazy, or tasteless, or mean, or paranoid or clueless. It’s just a microphone.

P.S. It’s fairly telling that the website that appears to be circulating this post the most has tagged it “funny, plane, malaysia.” Right.

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