I have a gun.

a new way of looking at gunsYes, this leftie peacenik has a shotgun. We live in a remote area and our house was robbed while we were at work. The robber returned a few days later, this time when I was home alone. If someone is willing to break in, knowing I am there, they aim to hurt me. And I have all the weaponry a homeowner reasonably needs to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Before I bought my gun, I did some research. I asked three army vets, all of whom are either hunters or target-shooting enthusiasts, what I should buy to protect my home. They all said, “Get a shotgun. Just the sound of a shell being racked should send the bad guy running.” I got one of them to go with me to buy it. It took an extra day because I was born offshore and they were doing a background check on me. Once I had the gun, shells and all the tools for properly maintaining the weapon, I got my friend to take me to the shooting range and to show me how to break down the gun and to clean it properly.

I take no joy in owning a shotgun; if I had children at home, I wouldn’t have any sort of gun around. I don’t own a handgun or an assault rifle. I don’t own a weapon that can fire 100 rounds in a few seconds. I have only enough firepower to keep someone from killing me in my own home. If I owned a liquor store in a bad part of town, I’d carry a handgun. If I were a cop or soldier, I would want all the power available to do my job.

I’m not advocating the banning of all guns in America; that would never happen anyway. What I am advocating is a sensible policy to limit the ownership of weapons to what is reasonably necessary to protect one’s person and home. I’m advocating for a change in the “yee-haw” mindset of this country. I’m advocating for a new way of looking at guns, since ours hasn’t changed since the 19th century.


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