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Sneaking across the back yard.

When I converted to Judaism, my rabbi asked if I would be okay with not doing Christmas any more. I replied to her, “I can’t wait!” The holiday held no fascination for me. As a child, I wanted that kind of old-fashioned Christmas, where you go out… Continue reading

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I have a gun.

Yes, this leftie peacenik has a shotgun. We live in a remote area and our house was robbed while we were at work. The robber returned a few days later, this time when I was home alone. If someone is willing to break in, knowing I am there, they ai… Continue reading

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What we can do.

This morning, a senseless tragedy occurred in an elementary school in Connecticut. Twenty children and six adults were murdered by a gunman with automatic weapons… kindergartners, teachers, counselors, even the gunman’s mother. This evening, we … Continue reading

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