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Never again, for anyone.

Yom Hashoah, 2012 One of my most vivid memories from Israel was visiting Yad Vashem,* the Holocaust Memorial in Jerusalem. Every inch was hard to look at, but two things stand out. The first thing you come to is The Avenue of the Righteous, a tree… Continue reading

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Every praying moment.

My friend Teri is in Stage 4 of a particularly deadly disease: lung cancer. Another of her friends said he is praying for her “every praying moment.” She has lots of people praying for her… individuals, prayer warriors (whatever those may be), p… Continue reading

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I love paying taxes.

It’s true. And I love saying it, because it makes the Tea Partiers and Conservatives crazy. Seriously, I really do like paying taxes. When I sit down to write that quarterly check, I think about what all it gets me. Most people don’t write regular… Continue reading

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