Take our country back. Please.

An open letter to Queen Elizabeth



I’m writing to tell you that you can have back this country we’ve been calling the “United States.” As it turns out, there’s nothing united about it. It hasn’t been this divided since Fort Sumter. If you’ve been reading our news then you know that America is split pretty evenly down the middle in terms of politics: 50% Democrat and 50% Republican. That means that about three contrarians in the middle can swing any election to one side or the other (google Ralph Nader).

But the actual divide in America isn’t really political: it’s philosophical, economic, and cultural. I know you’re busy being a monarch and always have a lot of family stuff going on, so let me explain why I want you to take this failed republic back.

When I was growing up, they taught us in school that America is a democracy. I thought I knew what that meant, a government for the people and by the people, but since it hasn’t turned out like that, I looked it up to be sure I understood the term “democracy”…

A form of government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised directly by them or by their elected agents, characterized by formal equality of rights and privileges; common people of a community as distinguished from any privileged class…

Wow. That is such a great idea, but in America, nothing could be further from the truth. Oh, we have elected agents, but they are the privileged class, and they work for the equally privileged, not for the common people. And the weird thing is that the common people don’t seem to mind. You’re probably envying that right about now, since a bunch of radicals left England, swiped a big chunk of land from some Indians, called it home, and told your predecessors to leave them the hell alone.

Those folks that left England on the Mayflower? They said they were seeking freedom to worship their God however they chose. After they won that little revolution, they drew up a constitution to establish some principles to guide a nation of free people. It said that, here, all men were created equal. That also turned out to be a lie. In America, only certain people can marry, only certain people can get health care, only certain people have access to the halls of power. Our legislators have been bought and paid for by big corporations and mega-rich religious zealots who are well on their way to creating a national religion (I know, the constitution says we won’t, right?) and nobody seems to mind.

The concentration of power into the hands of a few and the vast division of wealth in America make jolly old England, with its relatively benign democratic monarchy, start to look pretty good. We separated from your country, stole a new one, set up what should have been an ideal system of government, and it failed—utterly. The whole world hates us, and it’s no wonder:  we are a nation of hypocrites. We like to tell the rest of the world how to run their countries, when we can’t even run our own. We start wars in the name of democracy when what we really want is oil, and we sacrifice the blood of our own young men and women to do it. And nobody seems to mind. At least you have decent healthcare for everybody.

The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave has turned into a nation of homophobic, racist, misogynist, anti-intellectual, terrified sheep who are too lazy to do anything other than hand over power to hateful, power-hungry, greedy demagogues. Compared to taking over India or some rather pretty islands, you’d probably find ruling this bunch a walk in the park. Just don’t use big words when you talk to them.

So, Elizabeth, what do you say? Will you take us back? Pleeeease?



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8 Responses to Take our country back. Please.

  1. Laura Hoffman says:

    I love it. Your description of what this country has become is, sadly, 100% accurate. I think we need to add our signatures and send right away.

  2. Paul Halsall says:

    Umm, no thanks. You can keep the Tea Party and the Gun Freaks, and the American Exceptionalists!We will, however, graciously accept the cheesecake, the chicken-fried steak, popular music, HBO, Dolly Parton, The Episcopal Church, and the First Amendment.

  3. Angela Goddard says:

    No, Kim, I would disagree. We – the crazy right that you so graciously describe – are really not all those adjectives. We are your friends too. We are caring and loving people that prayed constantly to your God and my God, the God of Abraham and Isaac, when your mom was sick and dying. We praying for His healing power and for the Him to hold you in His arms. We are the friends that sit and cry in front of the monitor as you so vividly advocate for domestic violence issues in your posts b/c you witnessed them firsthand. We pray for God to reach down and heal that part of your heart, the heal the little girl who saw such an injustice. We are the ones who supported you in thoughts and prayers as you entered into a new world of Judiasm, a world that gives you peace and comfort. We are the ones that promote you, your business, your brilliant marketing mind to any and every opportunity that presents itself because we believe in you. We are the ones that love you exactly the way you are. We respect your beliefs, your religion, your thoughts. We respect all that you are.I don’t get angry when I read your commentaries. It’s not what I believe, but I read to learn, to understand and to support others, even if they don’t believe what I do. I just have to ask, "Where’s my honor and respect and love for who I am? Or am I just a bunch of hurtful, judgmental, vicious bunch of adjectives to you?"

  4. Laura Hoffman says:

    I saw no hurtful adjectives aimed at those who see things differently politically or who hold different religious beliefs. What I see is an indictment of the virulent hate mongering that results in denial of human rights. The forces of hatred that have risen their ugly heads in this country are the most alarming thing I have seen in my 65 years on this planet. I have never seen a president so despised as President Obama is. Racism? Rick Santorum has based his campaign on his hatred of gay people, Newt Gingrich’s ads speak of shaming the President, Mitt Romney has to ward off attacks on his religion while taking no definable stand on anything, and Ron Paul is an unapologetic bigot. The political atmosphere reminds me of what we know about Germany in the 30s. And there is one thing we must never forget: It can happen here. Hitler was elected democratically, and everything he did to the Jews and others was legal. How close are we to that when the majority of evangelical Christian republicans support a candidate who denies the rights of millions of Americans to live fulfilling lives? This is not about "Christian bashing" or rejecting the values we might share. As a Jew, I have many Christian friends who are totally mortified by those who fan the flames of hatred and bigotry in the name of G-d.

  5. Anonymous says:

    @Angela: I appreciate the kind thoughts and have always enjoyed your company. I stand by my assessment of this country. As a child of the 1970s, I thought we had evolved in certain ways but we haven’t. The racism and bigotry have just been a little underground. Ever since we got a black president, the barely suppressed anger has boiled over, and we are headed for something much uglier. (The Holocaust didn’t begin with ovens, it began with discrimination.) I understand that bigotry always exists, and that it’s human nature to need to feel superior to others to feel better about ourselves. What I don’t understand is how people can continue to vote for certain legislators when it is absolutely not in their best interest to do so. Or how "religious" people can celebrate, reward and institutionalize greed, even to their own personal detriment. If the measure of a people is how we treat the least among us, we’re a pretty sorry people. It’s interesting that nowhere in my post did I mention the "crazy right"… it’s just so recognizable. When I was in other countries during the Dubya years, people would always ask, "How could America elect that guy?" Beats the hell outta me. He flew the economy into a mountain, and Obama gets the blame. He started an immoral war based on a lie, and Obama gets to clean up the mess that Dubya left on the floor. If we elect Santorum (god forbid), I won’t be able to travel at all. Or write on my blog about how embarrassing it is to be an American.

  6. Angela says:

    <html><head></head><body bgcolor="#FFFFFF"><div>I’m sorry you feel that way. As someone so smart, it amazes me how one-sided you are in your thoughts. I encourage you to seek out other informational sources bc things aren’t really as you see them. Even the biggest o fans are seeing through the smoke. Mexico is always nice. I think it’s time you just move …literally. You really have a very skewed vision of reality and it’s a little scary, honestly.</div><div><br><br>Sent from my iPad</div><div><br></div></body></html>

  7. Anonymous says:

    Not sure what’s so scary about advocating for social equality, economic fairness and religious freedom.

  8. kvlm says:

    I don’t think what you’ve said is unjust or directed at anyone particular person but a very real view of what we have become…and I agree with you completely. Where is the compassion, the empathy, the tolerance and the acceptance that this land of the free was supposedly built on? We are not those things. We hate, and we judge, and we segregate, and we base our decisions on money and fear, not love, peace or understanding. And certainly not on G-d. We are supposed to be the greatest country in the world but I think all that moniker has created is an inflated ego with no bounds. We are kind of like the spoiled kid who thinks he has it all and therefore needs nothing or no one. Those kind of people wind up alone and we all know it. So where are we headed? Just like the Bible, we continually thump on the parts of the Constitution that work for us in the moment instead of biding by the whole thing. We are in a sad state and that’s all there is to it.

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