The world in black and white.


All my life, I’ve done some kind of art—drawings in graphite and charcoal, pen-and-ink house portraits—always in black and white. (Husband to me: “There just aren’t any shades of gray with you” …a fair statement). I just didn’t see things in color, until I converted to Judaism. At almost the very moment of going to the mikveh, it was like a dark filter was removed in my head, giving me a color palette for the first time. I went nuts (in more ways than one) and started creating art in color; I even painted my kitchen Barney Purple. I also went to Jerusalem—twice—and found an artform and an explosion of images in vivid color. Israel is where I learned to do papercutting in the Jewish tradition.

I’d like to turn making art into a career. So I created Hebrica, a place to make and sell my Jewish papercuts. Please indulge me and follow the blog, where I’ll post new pieces and occasional articles about technique, sources, and other Jewish papercut artists. Other ways to connect with Hebrica:

Pinterest (will be happy to invite you) | Facebook | Google+ | LinkedIn ~ please share

Now, I can’t give up my day gig just yet, but I’d like to apply my marketing skills to my personal passion. There’s a line of Jewish papercut greeting cards coming soon. In the meantime, I’ll be cutting away… 


P.S. Most people will say I’m still pretty much a black-and-white gal when it comes to life… but I’m working on it. 

P.P.S. The nude pictured above is a large pencil sketch I did 20 years ago…found it in the closet. 

Your thoughts and feedback here will be very much appreciated.



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One Response to The world in black and white.

  1. Shealia Hearn says:

    Not so sure you should give up the black and white stuff. The pencil sketch you did from 20 years ago is pretty outstanding!Best wishes on your new career with Hebrica. I’m confident you are going to love living in color and contributing cards this beautiful to the Hebrew world.

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