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The world in black and white.

All my life, I’ve done some kind of art???drawings in graphite and charcoal, pen-and-ink house portraits???always in black and white. (Husband to me: “There just aren’t any shades of gray with you” …a fair statement). I just didn’t see things in col… Continue reading

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Politically incorrect? Naw, let ’em talk.

Once I was at a bible study class at a local synagogue, and the subject of hate speech came up. My fellow Jews have been a target of bigotry for, oh, a few thousand years now, and some fresh hell had been reported in the media. One of my classmate… Continue reading

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If it walks like a duck…

As soon as I heard on the radio that Susan G. Komen Foundation was yanking its funding to Planned Parenthood because it was under investigation, something didn’t sound quite right. Why would an organization that asks us to “imagine a world without… Continue reading

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