Watch your step.

Marching Orders for 2011


This phrase is sometimes said out of genuine concern for your well-being, when you’re about to enter a potentially dangerous situation.  Be careful, don’t stumble…sort of akin to “mind the gap” in London.  Other times, it’s a threat, as in, “You better watch your step, mister!”  In 2010, I would have done well to pay attention to where I was going.  In New Orleans, the land of broken sidewalks, I fell and shattered my right shoulder, setting off a chain of medical events…surgery, untold hours of physical therapy, a mountain of medically-inspired paper I may never get through, and more surgery coming up.  All because I wasn’t watching my step.

In the new year, I plan to look down more, watch where I am going, and take better care of myself…not just in the physical sense, but spiritually and emotionally, too.  Stop running, stop racing, look around, and ~ a phrase I’ve always snickered at ~ be in the moment.  Multi-tasking, getting bored in a hurry, and moving on have gotten me in trouble more than once.  So, in 2011, I’m going to watch my step and pay attention to what’s important, not what’s next.

What’s your resolution?


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