I miss my momma.


When it started to snow today, my first thought was to call my mom. Living in Mexico, as she did, she would have loved to hear about it.  Lately, that’s often my first impulse: I need to call Momma.  People say, it must be so unreal that she’s gone.  The problem is that it’s very real.  Gone-ness.  Just…not there. 

So I sit here, looking out my my office window, watching the snow fall heavier by the minute, thinking about my mom, and how she taught me ~ or let me learn ~ everything I know… how to measure flour correctly, how to put on a button, how to play rummy, how to clean like a hausfrau, how to read.  Other things she tried to teach me, I didn’t have much talent for…how to listen, how to be patient, how to be kind to jerks. She was really good at those things.

God, I miss her.


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