There’s nothing to eat.


How many times have we stood in front of the fridge and uttered those words?  A friend of mine told about how she, in a fit of conscience, got her family to agree not to buy another thing at the grocery store until they ate every bite of food in the house.  Imagine doing that.  In fact, get up from your chair (or just visualize, if you’re at work) and go look in your pantry, in the cabinets, in the fridge.  What do you see?

Would you be willing to try this little experiment?  In my friend’s case, they didn’t quite make it.  I guess when you’re down to chickpeas, cream of mushroom soup, and that well-intentioned can of pumpkin pie filling you bought three years ago, you figure the guys in the state penitentiary are eating better than you.  Publix, here we come.

Second Harvest Food Bank’s donations are down 15% from last year.  Together, we can help someone who doesn’t share our problem of overabundance.  Visualize your pantry again, then click here. 

P.S.  I hate cream of mushroom soup and can’t imagine why I bought it.


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